Dear Friend,

If you were interested in my 6-Figure Mastermind Academy, but were unable to attend due to schedule conflicts and travel hassles, I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

Now you can get the same exact training I will be delivering at the 6-Figure Mastermind Academy, but with a few key differences...


Mastermind for Profit is the virtual version of the 6-Figure Mastermind Academy and gives you my exact blueprint for starting and leading your own paid mastermind group, and because I don't have the expense of an in-person event, I am passing along the savings to you!

So if you are interested and committed to turning your expertise and experience into a new, exciting and highly-profitable "side" business, requiring as only a few days a year to run, please keep reading!

Thank you and I look forward to having you part of Mastermind for Profit.


Imagine adding a new, fun and highly-profitable “side” business that:   

  • Helps other get what they want in immense and unique ways
  • Is a small numbers business - you don’t need a huge list or “guru” status
  • Is intellectually stimulating and rewarding for your members and YOU
  • Leverages and monetizes your experience and expertise
  • Is highly profitable and doesn’t require much of your time
  • Can be built around your life, business and family
  • Doesn’t require employees
  • Creates meaningful relationships
  • Improves your leadership and communication skills
  • Offers unique experiences that business owners need and want
  • Is the six and seven-figure “secret sauce” for business owners, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs in-the-know

At this moment, you have the very real opportunity to start a high-level, high-fee mastermind group and earn a substantial income in return for only a few days of work each year, ALL WHILE HELPING OTHERS IMPROVE THEIR LIVES AND/OR BUSINESSES!

What I’m about to share with you is the ultimate WIN-WIN opportunity and one that allows you to offer something new and unique to your “brand.”

Starting this June, I am hosting a series of live trainings, conducted via webinar, where I will share my specific tools and formulas for starting and leading a paid mastermind group in your niche or around your specific expertise.  

It's called Mastermind for Profit and it's 100% focused on helping you create paid mastermind group your members profit from and you profit from!

Mastermind for Profit!

I am a FIRM BELIEVER the world needs more effective mastermind groups. We need more smart people getting together, focusing on solving problems; creating better businesses; dreaming up new solutions, and creating PROFIT for all involved.

Unlike so many other “me too” things out there, starting your own unique mastermind group is a huge game-changer for your members and you.


  • If you have a specific and in-demand skill or expertise;
  • Or you have a UNIQUE and SPECIFIC BIG IDEA, that would interest others;
  • Or you are a “connector” and can bring people together;
  • Or if you are a known expert or have a certain amount of “celebrity”, the very real opportunity of starting your own high-level, high-fee mastermind group is well within your reach.

If you want the ULTIMATE way to leverage and monetize your time, experience and abilities and ENJOY helping others, getting into the paid mastermind group business is a logical and smart next step for so many reasons, which I want to describe here.

As a nod to the Napoleon Hill, who brought the idea of the “Master Mind” to the world, I want to share my “H.I.L.L. Principle of Paid Mastermind Groups.”

Leading your own high-level mastermind group is:





Let’s start off by looking at how your mastermind group is HELPFUL for your members in a number of profound and important ways. Your group offers them:

  • Focused input
  • Speed
  • Bigger-thinking challenges
  • New ideas/resources/short-cuts
  • Accountability
  • And profitable relationships

There is something magical that happens when like-minded, goal-oriented people come together in a mastermind group.

Creating a mastermind group is INTERESTING. No other experience can deliver such impactful and efficient benefits because:

  • Being around smart people is beneficial to everybody, including you
  • It’s an exciting, new “thing” to offer that ONLY you can provide
  • Your group can be as simple or complex as you want
  • Your group can be built around your lifestyle and family
  • You can offer unique and fun experiences, guest speakers, etc.
  • There’s minimal stress and additional work for you

Leading a paid mastermind group is LEVERAGE for you because:

  • You monetize your experience, knowledge, authority, connections, etc.
  • You can easily add this as a “side business” to your existing business
  • One-to-many versus one-to-one is a wonderful model
  • The group’s brain-trust does the “heavy lifting”, so you don’t have to prepare a lot of content if you choose not to
  • The amount of time required to run the group is measured in days
  • It’s a small number business that doesn't require a huge list
  • It’s scalable - you can run as many groups as you want
  • You can run from anywhere in the world
  • There is little overhead required

Being in the high-level, high-fee mastermind group business is LUCRATIVE for you because it offers you:

  • High R.O.I. for your energy investment
  • Continuity income
  • An annuity-like asset for your business
  • Other valuable opportunities for you
  • The platform to become a better leader
  • Valuable ideas
  • Profitable relationships

The Type of Paid Mastermind Group 
I Will Show You How to Start

There are a number of different types of mastermind groups that exist and many are mastermind alliances in name only. I prefer to lead a traditional, small-group format mastermind, which Napoleon Hill first described in 1928 in his book Law of Success.

During Mastermind for Profit, I will show you how to design the type of group you want to have and lead. To get you thinking about this, I thought it would be helpful to share the type of high-level, high-fee mastermind group I will be focusing on at Mastermind for Profit , so you can see if it aligns with your vision and goals:

  • 8 – 15 paid members (typically business owners and entrepreneurs)
  • Annual membership fee of $5,000, 10,000, $15,000 or more
  • The group’s common objective is focused on business growth
  • The group may be focused on a specific niche or industry or may be made up of different types of members
  • In-person, face-to-face meetings throughout the year
  • You can include other optional member benefits, such as 1:1 calls, events, etc.

Minimum Investment
Maximum Results

Mastermind for Profit is your unique opportunity to get a pure distillation of my 10-years worth of experience running paid mastermind groups, including an exclusive swipe file of examples I have used to PLAN, PROMOTE, FILL, HOST AND RETAIN my own groups.

There is no more efficient and focused way to get started with your own high-level, high-fee mastermind group.  From the comfort of your home or office, I will catapult you forward towards your own paid group. Your investment in time and money is like putting money in the bank.

Mastermind for Profit Will Save You Frustration…

I know what it’s like to start a mastermind group from scratch – it can be a challenge, however I will show you how to create, price and attract your ideal mastermind group member - saving you tons of frustration. During Mastermind for Profit you will get ALL your mastermind questions answered!

Mastermind for Profit Will Save You Time…

No need to reinvent the wheel because I will share every EFFECTIVE marketing, sales and facilitation strategy I have used in my groups and have seen in the groups I have been a member of. You will get a swipe file of examples you can use to short-cut your way to filling up your group in no time!

Mastermind for Profit Will Create Recurring Income and Wealth Opportunities For You!

At the completion of Mastermind for Profit, you will have your personal blueprint for starting your own paid mastermind group. Imagine what an additional $75,000, $100,000 or more can do for you and your family - and for only a few days of work!

There is no more efficient and leveraged way to earn this kind of money and do it in such an INTERESTING and FUN way as your own paid mastermind group. I will show you how to get started immediately!

Mastermind for Profit Is Five Powerful & Focused Trainings on the Business of High-Level, High-Fee Mastermind Groups

During Mastermind for Profit, I will share everything I know and have used to market, fill and lead 10 paid mastermind groups since 2006, and the best ideas and strategies I’ve personally experienced as a member, in groups run by Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy and Yanik Silver.

Each session will last approximately 75 - 90 minutes + Q&A time, and every session will be recorded and all attendees will receive the recording within 12 hours.

Here’s a glimpse of the five live sessions I will be hosting:

Session #1 - The Business of Paid Mastermind Groups

Friday, June 2, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

This session will help you "see" what a paid mastermind group can look like for your business.  It will help you see the profit opportunities and the requirements necessary to start your own high-level, high-fee mastermind group.  If you've ever thought about leading a paid mastermind group, this first session is a critical first-step!

Session #2 - How to Design a High-Level Mastermind Group

Friday, June 9, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

The best and most successful groups are carefully crafted from the beginning with a specific WHO it’s for and WHY it exists. I will show you several ways to plan the type of group you want; identify the BIG IDEA and REASONS WHY somebody should join; identify and attract your ideal member; develop benefits and deliverables; and identify the right price for your group.

Session #3 - How to Promote & Fill a High-Level Mastermind Group

Friday, June 23, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

You can waste a lot of time and money using the wrong tools to promote your mastermind group. Over the years, I developed a unique toolkit and I’ll show the ones that work and why they can work for you too.  I’ll share the best practices to fill your group with qualified members, like speaking at your own events; creating effective webinars, direct mail sales letters that work, smart email strategies and more. 

Session #4 - How to Host Valuable & Transformational Mastermind Meetings

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Once your group is filled, now the effort shifts to making sure you deliver exceptional value during your mastermind meetings. This is a learned skill, but one that is critically important for a successful group. There are essential MUST-DO’s and MUST NOT DO’s and I will share them all during Mastermind for Profit.

Session #5 - Member Retention Strategies & Additional Profit Opportunities

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

It is very realistic to only have to “sell” a member once and then keep him/her year after year, but this requires a precise choreography of strategic actions and events. In my current mastermind group, I have members who have been with me for 5+ years and I will share my strategies to keep members returning, year after year.

I will also share these personal strategies:

  • My exclusive “One-Day Mastermind Model” - unique and efficient way to host your mastermind meetings!
  • My powerful “Mastermind Trifecta” - this works amazingly well to add unique value to your group!
  • How to save money on hotel costs, yet offer a higher level of service
  • A unique benefit your members will truly love and treasure for years!
  • The critical ONE THING you must do at every mastermind meeting - forgetting to do this is a big mistake!
  • How to use “Mastermind Multipliers” to keep members longer
  • And much, much more!

Mastermind for Profit will distill 10 years of experience into one amazingly powerful day for you!

Don't forget, even if you cannot attend the live training, you will get the recording of that session within 12 hours.

Register for Mastermind for Profit by May 22, 2017 and Get This Valuable Bonus!

Every Mastermind for Profit attendee who registers by May 22, 2017, will automatically receive my own personal set of tools for marketing and leading paid mastermind groups.  

This valuable toolkit, which I've built over the past decade would cost you ten's of thousands of dollars to recreate from scratch and you get it all, including:

  • My personal email templates
  • My personal direct mail templates
  • My personal presentation templates
  • Sales tools and templates
  • Meeting tools and templates


This exclusive bonus goes away in...

Want My Focus and Input On You?
Optionally Get Personal Coaching From Me On Your Mastermind Opportunity!

Plus every Mastermind for Profit attendee has the optional opportunity to get additional personalized attention and focus from me.

If you choose the Training + Coaching option, you will get these additional benefits:

  • The opportunity to participate in two expertly-led virtual mastermind meetings (Friday, July 21 and Friday August 4, 2017)
  • The opportunity to have two, 30-minute, one-on-one coaching calls with me, focused on your business

The Mastermind for Profit Investment

To keep things simple and straight-forward, there are just two options to join me for Mastermind for Profit.

The TRAINING ONLY option gives single-attendee access to the five LIVE training/Q&A sessions and the recordings of those sessions.  The investment for this option is three-payments of $333.

The TRAINING + COACHING option gives you and up to two other business colleagues access to the LIVE training/Q&A sessions and the recordings PLUS two virtual mastermind meetings AND two, one-on-one, 30-minute coaching calls with me.  The investment for this option is three-payments of $499.


  • Access to live training sessions and recordings
  • Three payments of $333


  • Access for up to three attendees to live training sessions and recordings
  • Two virtual mastermind meetings
  • Two, 30 minute calls with me
  • Three payments of $499

My Personal Guarantee to You

You have ZERO RISK to join me at Mastermind for Profit.  I know what it's like to not be 100% sure something is a good fit and you need to experience it before knowing, which is why you are protected with my personal guarantee.

All you need to do is attend the first two live training sessions and if you feel this training is not right for you, let me know before the third session and I will refund your entire registration fee!  You have NOTHING to lose!

Is 2017 the Year You Finally Start Your Own Paid Mastermind Group?

If you’ve read this far, there is a good chance you are the type of person who CAN and SHOULD be leading their own paid mastermind group, and I want to help you get started as quickly and profitably as possible.

If the idea of helping others get what they want, while being paid well and only working a few days a year appeals to you…

If the reality of sharing your experience and expertise in a new and uniquely-you way sounds interesting...

If you’ve ever considered leading your own paid mastermind group, but were not sure how or where to start…

If you practice the “principle of slight edge” and realize the efficiency and leapfrog and money-making opportunity I’m giving you...

You’re invited to join me for a deep immersion into the business of paid mastermind groups at Mastermind for Profit.

Every day you wait to bring your mastermind group to the world is one more day of missed opportunity and value you can bring to your customers/clients/followers. I like to say,

“Missed opportunity is a business owner's
most insidious expense.”

I truly hope you don’t miss out on the opportunity to get rich by enriching others with your own paid mastermind group.

I also hope you don’t miss out on allowing me to show you the quickest and easiest path to six-figure mastermind group success. The ability to earn a very nice income, while helping others and only working a few days a year, as the leader of your own paid mastermind group, is right in front of you.

The next step is a simple one - choose one of two Mastermind for Profit opportunities.  Mastermind for Profit starts on June 2, 2017, so don't delay.

Thank you.

Mike Capuzzi


  • Access to live training sessions and recordings
  • Three payments of $333


  • Access for up to three attendees to live training sessions and recordings
  • Two virtual mastermind meetings
  • Two, 30 minute calls with me
  • Three payments of $499

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